Chloe Clarke

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2024

Christianity in the world of media

Christianity has been subjected to numerous stereotypes and criticisms worldwide. Many people are afraid to look deeper into what Christianity truly stands for, leading to a lack of understanding. The true meaning of Christianity and its impact on people’s lives has been forgotten or obscured by these stereotypes.

To address the issue of misconceptions, I have meticulously developed a website that showcases God’s work. This platform will contain engaging interviews that discuss the meaning of Christianity, captivating graphic design, and photography. It will delve into topics such as God’s nature, inviting users to ponder the question, ‘Is God?’ with the assurance that they are exploring a genuine and accurate representation of Christianity.

My goal is to create a safe and engaging platform where people can learn more about Christianity and gain a better understanding of it. This platform will provide a space for individuals to unravel any misconceptions they might have about Christianity which may have been formed due to the media’s portrayal of it.