Hayden McKinstry

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2024

The Dark Side Of Exercise 

My major project is an Interactive Documentary that focuses on sport and exercise injuries. It allows you to investigate the question of whether sport and exercise is actually good for our health? The idea came about from when I fractured my hip and shin from running a few years ago. The Interactive Documentary combines real life Interviews, statistics, graphics and interactive elements such as polls where you can give your opinion on controversial questions, for example have you ever worked out while feeling sore? Or did you really do you physio exercises like you said you did?  The polls are all anonymous to encourage truthful answers and an authentic experience for the user. The end goal of this project is to promote the safe practice of sport and exercise to the audience and encourage them to think about weather they are warming up before running or listening to their body properly. I think it has been a success and will promote the safe practice of sport and exercise to the audience.