Jack Harkin

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2021


Hi my name is Jack Harkin and I am a soon to be Interactive Media graduate at Ulster University. Over the last three years Interactive Media has allowed me to create with no limits and to learn new skills that I never would have done before. I have enjoyed everything, but the graphic design elements are what I have enjoyed the most. I have grasped the Adobe Creative Cloud Suit very well and to a high standard, I feel completely comfortable using any of their software.


Major Project: Student Life in Covid

During the Coronavirus lockdown students are expected to keep a level head and are required to continue as normal with their chosen degree. Lots of students are really struggling to keep up with the expectations of University during the pandemic. This project is aimed to investigate how students have been affected by the Coronavirus lockdown and how their attitudes towards university may have changed over this period. Using information design this project will create a variety of infographics and motion graphics which will then be shared online. The information was gathered using surveys and used to create assets in both Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. The final product was then be posted to Instagram. The target audience for this project are students aged between 18-30. The main aim of this project is to inform the public of the struggles that students are faced with during the pandemic.