Jamie Stewart

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2024

Life on the Fairway 


Life on the Fairway is a social media campaign on Instagram. The content is focused on golf in the island of Ireland, the content also aims to communicate the physical and mental health benefits golf can provide to those who play golf as well as how and why more people should consider taking it up as a hobby. It consists of various forms of content including photography, graphic design, videography, and Instagram stories. 


Some people aren’t aware of the world-class facilities and golf courses we have on this island, right on our doorstep. The most of us aren’t even aware of how great a hobby golf can be to help improve your everyday life. There is also a stigma around golf that it is a rich person’s sport, and you must have the best of the equipment to play or else you’ll be no good and people will judge you. THAT IS WIDE OF THE MARK! Life on the Fairway aims to wither that stigma away to nothing, as golf has completely changed my life for the good and I truly believe it could change the lives of anyone, of any age, any gender, any background, and make the island of Ireland happier and healthier place one tee shot at a time.