Cody Leslie

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2021


I’m a graphic designer with a particular interest in logo design and wider brand identity systems. This course has not only provided me with a greater respect and understanding of design and interactive media as a whole, enabling me to engage academically and creatively with cutting-edge motion graphics, web development, and cinematography. I believe that this has made me a well-rounded creative person and has given me direction and the confidence to think innovatively. A standout takeaway from my University experience was the gradual journey from being completely experimental with no real focus to becoming more creatively thoughtful with an emphasis on deploying creative solutions grounded in the belief that design should be inclusive, not exclusive.

Major Project: Reviewing Information Design

Through extensive academic and visual research of information design, I was able to identify areas in which it is not being used effectively. In this case, my focus was on the COVID-19 pandemic and the general accessibility of data. My research found that although data is available for users to view, it is scattered and can be difficult to understand. Additionally, my research provided me with an extensive understanding of information design. Fundamentally grounded in the belief that design should be inclusive and easily understood by everyone; information design makes our lives easier and helps us know where we stand in the world. I truly feel that this project has not only provided me with an invaluable insight but has also given me a greater respect for my role as a graphic designer; it isn’t merely about creating something beautiful. It is more about creating something for the greater good. This research informed my decision making throughout and it allowed me to utilise my graphic design skills (logo design, grids, colour palettes, typography, hierarchies etc.) on software such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and XD. Overall, although it has been a tough year, I definitely feel it has matured me as a creative person and has provided me with the knowledge and skills to build upon and pursue further when I leave University.

Project Link: Adobe XD