Ellie McDowell

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2024

Bitch: Exploring the Impact of Media on Creating and Reinforcing Stereotypes of Female Leaders.

This project aims to explore and investigate the role media has in creating negative stereotypes of females in leadership roles. Using several interactive media products and feminist principles and methodologies, this research aims to understand if we can use digital media to reverse the ideologies created by long-term media exposure, which has led to societal attitudes towards women who do not conform to their stereotypical expectations. This project involves a motion graphic/ film piece with the subject of a social experiment to understand the problem at hand surrounding female stereotypes and perceptions. The project also includes an interactive digital/ print hybrid that shares feminist work to also bring awareness to the problem through the media of digital storytelling and interaction. The Bitch exhibition aims to understand the influential factors of multiple forms of media on our ideologies and create an immersive experience with collaborative approaches to highlight the problem that still exists within culture. The project symbolises the relationship that women have with society, as well as one that they have within their self-beliefs which have been constructed by passive media messaging.