Georgia Davies

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2021


Through my time at Ulster University, I have been able to build on my design skills, becoming much more aware of the smaller details that’s make a piece of design, but also the ability to work to deadlines. With the option to gain some industrial experience in 3rd year, I gained skills imperative to working in a fast paced environment, such as organising and managing tasks that needed to be completed, making final year a lot easier to work through. As a final year student working through a pandemic, I pride myself in my ability to produce high quality work in stressful and uncertain circumstances.


Major Project: Books Reimagined

Do we really judge books by their cover? Of course we do; it is human nature to form an opinion almost immediately when we look at anything – people, animals, even books. The cover of a book can be the reason you lift it up, signalling their importance as a method of advertising. Some people prefer colour, something to look at. Interactive media has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of businesses, marketing and the increasing need for content to be immediately accessible. This project aims to use the method of motion graphics, graphic design and augmented reality to positively impact the online bookstore experience. The project intends on finding out the impact of traditional static book covers and how readers choose the books they read, whether it be from recommendations or the cover of the book itself. From the findings, the project will aim to modify the way we currently shop online for books, adding more interactivity through AR and animation to make for a more enjoyable online experience.