Ben Maxwell

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2021


From BSc Hons Interactive media it has allowed me to grow my skills in html and CSS while letting me take this further and learn WordPress. One key skill I have develop is my creativity helping me to create amazing designs to use for client work all the way to my final piece. Giving me an in-depth knowledge of business standards as well as design practices, helping me to establish my own style while also allowing me the knowledge to expand out to co-found my own 360° photography and videography company thanks to skills I have learned and strengthened.


Major Project: Using Social media platform to aid in data analysis of tourist location

Social Media platforms can be used in a variety of ways to help the tourism industry to learn about its visitors and take this towards learning how the view these sites. The aim of my project is to use the social media platform Instagram to take images and data on the visitors. Using this then to learn about the differences between conventional tourism locations and dark tourism sites within Northern Ireland. By taking the images I gathered to showcase them in a video format that stands out using Adobe After Effects to stitch together the images in a format inspired by Lev Manovich and his work across Selfie City and On Broadway. Allowing me to show how different users on social media take photos of these locations allowing the viewer of the project to see the beauty of these locations. While also using the data I collect on Instagram from these posts to create graphs that can be viewed to see trends in these locations and allow them to be compared between each locations . To help learn about viewers in a way that can potentially help boost tourism in these location so that everyone can see these beautiful sights.