Brogan Fitzpatrick

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2021


I am a confident and outgoing individual who aspires to work in the creative industries. Through my degree I have learned a range of different skills, these include web development, brand development and video editing. While I have learned a broad range of skills, I feel that Graphic design and Motion Graphic design is the two areas where my biggest strengths are. Now that I have finished my degree I hope to push on and continue to develop the skills I have learned from Interactive Media and use these to create and complete my own projects in the future.


Major Project: Using Information Design to help University Students

For my major project I created a collection of information design pieces based around problems students themselves say they face. These included, Handling assignment due dates, how to balance their workload and how student finance works. When it came to creating my graphic design pieces, I followed a range of teachings from different academic sources, such as Robert Waller, Robin Kinross, and Edward Tufte. The main teachings I followed was that of Otto Neurath and his idea of a “Transformer” and the “Proximity Principle” which was laid out by Wertheimer. I made use of Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop and created class timetables, academic timelines, and informative posters.

In order to make my work accessible to all students I created a website called “unInfo” and have all of my designs up there available for download. As a base for my project, I focused in on Interactive Media students and used them as a subject base to show that my project had meaning and longevity for future expansion. Students need as much help as they can get, especially during their first year at University and unInfo could have a part to play in helping them out.

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