Jack Burden

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2023

Major project: Console gaming and its impact on mental health

The major project on “Console Gaming and Its Impact on Mental Health” aims to explore the relationship between console gaming and mental health. The project utilizes interviews as a primary method to collect data and gain insights directly from the gaming community. A total of 30 participants were interviewed, providing a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

//The interviews were conducted to delve deeper into the players’ thoughts and emotions surrounding console gaming and its impact on their mental well-being. Through these one-on-one interactions, the project sought to understand the players’ attitudes, behaviours, and the potential effects of console gaming on their mental health.

//To present the collected data in a meaningful and engaging manner, infographics were employed as a visual storytelling tool. These infographics offer a concise and accessible representation of the research findings, allowing viewers to grasp key insights and trends at a glance. The visual elements and data visualization techniques employed in the infographics enhance the understanding and retention of the information presented.

//Moreover, an interactive prototype was developed using Adobe XD, a powerful prototyping tool. This interactive prototype allows users to engage with the data in a dynamic and immersive way. By incorporating interactive elements, such as clickable buttons, animations, and navigation features, the prototype enables users to explore different sections and interact with the data in a personalized manner.

//The data addressed in the project covers various aspects, including the frequency and duration of gaming sessions, the prevalence of mental health issues among gamers, the perceived impact of console gaming on stress levels, anxiety, depression, and sleep patterns. By examining these factors, the project aims to provide valuable insights into the complex relationship between console gaming and mental health.