Laurence Adair

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2023

Major Project: Young Minds

“Young Minds” is a mini-series in the style of a mockumentary that follows a group of friends at a house party. As the events of the night unfold, we begin to see how friends help each other cope with the common mental health issues that they face. The inspiration for this project came from my love for mockumentaries from shows such as “The Office”. Although “The Office” is a comedy show, one of my favourite elements of it is the writer’s ability to create heartfelt scenes within the episodes that make the viewers connect with and care more about the characters they are watching. I also think because of the format of the mockumentary genre, these scenes can feel very personal, and as a viewer, you feel closer to the characters. So, I wanted to create something that was light-hearted and fun for the audience but at its core, touched on serious topics such as the mental health issues that many young people face. One of the biggest outcomes that I wanted for the show was for it to be relatable to the individuals who watch it. I wanted people to see themselves in the characters and the thoughts and feelings that they have and hopefully encourage them to reflect on their own mental health and seek any help or guidance that they need.