Laimis Minelga

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2023

Major Project: Virtual Greenhouse

As a house plant collector, I often found myself listening to friends and family express their apprehension about starting their own plant collections. These conversations inspired me to develop Virtual Greenhouse, a platform that would offer an immersive experience to people interested in plant care, regardless of their experience level. My vision for Virtual Greenhouse was to create a solution that would allow users to quickly access critical care instructions for a particular plant while physically examining it in a shop or nursery. Moreover, I wanted to ensure that users could retain this knowledge even after bringing the plant home. To achieve this, I envisioned a platform that would enable users to scan a plant’s QR code to obtain a wealth of information, such as watering frequency, light and temperature requirements, and other relevant tips to ensure the plant thrives. I understood that the platform’s experience needed to be light and visually appealing to engage both beginners and experts in plant care. Therefore, I focused on creating a user-friendly interface that would offer a seamless experience, ensuring that anyone could easily navigate the platform and access the necessary information. Ultimately, my goal with Virtual Greenhouse was to eliminate the intimidation factor associated with plant care and make it accessible to anyone interested in cultivating a healthy and vibrant plant collection.