Ryan Redmond

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2024


The LET’S TALK campaign was developed to start the conversation around male mental health in higher education. There is no-doubt that there are pre-existing ideologies and standards set by society that create a stigma revolving around male mental health.  

This unfortunately has created a massive barrier in men reaching out for help and talking about how they feel, as they are expected to ‘Man up.’ With this being taken into consideration I wanted the Let’s Talk campaign to help begin a movement and encourage all young males to break the traditional stigma that isolate many young men in Northern Ireland with the sole ambition of giving young men a platform but more importantly a voice in a loud society where often not everyone is heard. 

I set out on this project by recording short interviews with three fellow classmates where they bravely and inspirationally talk about their own mental struggles, and the impact both higher education and their own personal lives has had on their struggles. 

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