Tom Wilson

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2024

Cyber Security Awareness

In an era marked by unprecedented reliance on digital technology and connectivity, the importance of cybersecurity education has never been more paramount. With cyber threats evolving at an alarming pace, this project aims to investigate the effectiveness of utilising motion graphics as a teaching method to educate university staff and students on the risks of cyber security. Leveraging insights from extensive research on animation in education, the project aims to assess the impact of motion graphics on engagement, information retention, and overall effectiveness in conveying key cybersecurity concepts. 

Through a series of focused experiments, the project employs three distinct teaching methods, verbal presentation, demonstrative presentation, and animation presentation to determine which method is the most effective among the groups. Each teaching method will be evaluated based on factors such as participant engagement, comprehension, and preference. For this project, I created four short infographic style animations which teach users the risks of four separate forms of cyber attacks; phishing, trojans, ransomware, and spyware.  

Ultimately, the project aims to contribute to the development of educational resources that are engaging, accessible, and effective in equipping university members with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of digital security.