Edele Scott-Murphy

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2023

Major project: Remapping the Human Soul

‘Remapping the human soul’ is a personal wellbeing experience based on creating a positive environment in an indoor setting through the use of nature and natural imagery. Personally when I am feeling overwhelmed or need a minute to breathe I usually take myself outside, to me there is something so calming being in nature and away from inclosed spaces and well-people. The colours, sounds and smells all have a nostalgic feel to me and all together boost my mood. ‘Remapping the human soul’ aims to harvest those elements of nature that help boost my wellbeing and use these to help others feel good promoting a positive sense of wellbeing in indoor setting such as University. The installation gives the viewer a chance to view imagery of nature and also includes interactive elements that get them thinking about their mood and engage with the setting. Overall the aim is to ‘Remap’ the viewers ‘soul’ into a positive feeling.