Matthew Caves

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2023

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Major Project: Cycling | An Interactive Documentary

From a young age, cycling has been something I’ve found immense joy in. Whether it be the joy of learning to ride my first bike or my first-time riding on the open road, cycling over time has become a passion of mine. This project is inspired by my passion for both cycling and technology and seeks to combine these in the form of an interactive documentary. The experience explores some of my stories in cycling through the years whilst also providing the viewer with various immersive experiences through the use of technology such as GoPro action cameras and immersive technology in the form of 360º cameras. It is hoped that this project will allow viewers an opportunity to experience some of the joys of cycling both on road and off road in an immersive, interactive, and unique way. Throughout the production of this project, it has been exciting to explore the unique features of both technology and immersive technology and how these can be utilised in order to provide immersive, interactive experiences that may not have been possible before. I hope that through this project the audience will be able to enjoy a unique cycling experience and interact with cycling in a way they maybe haven’t before!