Ethan Hill

BSc Interactive Media, Class of 2023

Major project: Beachsafe North Coast

Beachsafe North Coast is a website I created to promote beach safety. The idea for this learning resource came from my experience as a RNLI lifeguard and surf instructor on the North Coast, I have seen countless incidents occur from people being unaware of the hazards around them. The number one cause of incidents is due to rip currents, from carrying out surveys targeted towards frequent beach users in our local area, 30% of the participants could not identify a rip current, also 51% of participants where not entirely confident in assessing risks if lifeguards were not on duty. Lifeguards are only present during Easter, summer and September weekends. This means during the winter when the conditions on the North Coast get more dangerous with stronger rip currents and colder waters, people are on their own and need to know the risks involved. Beachsafe provides visitors with the essential information they need to stay safe on the beaches of Northern Ireland. By providing comprehensive safety information, a beach guide, and an interactive map, the website helps visitors to make informed decisions and avoid potential hazards. The website also has a quiz so users can test what they have learnt. It will be a valuable resource for both tourists and locals and will contribute to the promotion of safe beach activities on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.